Investment Opportunities

In furtherance of our Mission, LEDAHF is co-sponsoring real estate investment funds with Crescent Development Partners and others. These Funds offer opportunities to invest a finite amount of either cash or credit (Letter of Credit) in exceptionally LOW-RISK and HIGH PROFIT real estate while generating investment yields - dividends and capital appreciation - from owning public securities.


LEDAHF-sponsored Funds may access very low cost capital by selling very high credit bonds [known as “Variable Rate Demand Notes”] in the public capital markets. One way to enhance the credit of LEDAHF debt is with a Letter of Credit from a bank who is a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank. View LEDAHF VRDN Booklet here.


For qualifying projects, member banks can have their Letters of Credit confirmed (“wrapped”) by the FHLB and obtain a Standard and Poors “AA” rating. Liquid bonds with this credit rating command very low interest rates… today less than 2% annually.