How to Make a Myspace page

Once you know how to make a myspace page there are hundreds of different uses for it. They can vary from looking for romance to looking for people with common interests like poker or online gambling. The reason so many people are on myspace is partially because of its ease of use.

Before you can start making a myspace page you will need to have an email address, this can an email address from a free service such as yahoo or Gmail.

Once you have an email address you can start to open your myspace account

To open your myspace account you will need to enter your email address, first and last name, password, country and zip code

Now you will be asked to upload a photo, the photo does not need to be of you, and you do not need to put in a photo at this time you can always upload a picture at another time.

The next step is inviting other friends to myspace, all you have to do if you want is to input in your friends email addresses and they will automatically become friends with you if they start accounts of their own.

You can now see your myspace page and start to modify it. there are 2 basic views in myspace. When you log in you will see a page that only you can see. This page contains the control panel to make changes to your myspace page and the other view is to view it as others see it online.

Now that you officially have a myspace page you are probably asking how to make a myspace page that is all pimped out

By going to the link market Edit Profile you can answer a series of questions about yourself to help identify you to others on myspace, this is also the section where you can modify the look of your page this can be anything from adding a background picture to modifying the look of the menus on your myspace page.

To change the look of your page you will need a myspace editor. There are many of them available online and they are all free and require no download.

Once you have found one just follow the directions and it will produce what is called HTML code. This code is then copied from the editor into your about me section and then once it is saved it can be seen by anyone who goes to your myspace page.

Myspace is a great way to meet new people, and a fun way to keep in touch with friends from around the world. They also offer groups that can be joined for free giving you a forum where like minded individuals can gather to discuss what ever is on their minds like the upcoming elections or maybe the online gambling ban that has stopped 8.6 million Americans from being able to play their favorite games like poker and blackjack on the internet for real money.

Now that you know how to make a myspace page and how it can be used you can have yourself hours of fun talking to people about anything around the world.