Halloween An Interesting Time At Many Online Casinos

Halloween is less than a week away and that means good and bad news for online casinos. The industry rolls out some of the biggest online slot tournaments of the year, but also is faced with gamblers who are too busy to show up.

At land-based casinos, Halloween is a time when promotions can be run offering up big rewards for the best costumes. It is a promotion that nearly every casino in the US uses, and one that brings gamblers off their couches for some gambling and dress-up fun.

That is the bad news for online casinos. While they can offer big tournaments, they cannot compete with the party atmosphere that can be provided at a live casino. Most gamblers play both online and at actual casinos, and on Halloween the sentiment is overwhelming on where the gamblers will be.

“I usually spend a couple of hours every weekend playing slots online,” said Carrie Frensel. “But this weekend, I am spending Friday night at one casino with friends, and Saturday I am attending a costumer party at another casino, so I will not have time to play online.”

For those who have grown out of the Halloween phase or are just not enamored with the holiday, online casinos will offer plenty of opportunities to still have fun this weekend. Freeroll tournaments are being run, and other events with small entry fees provide players with an chance to win thousands of dollars over the holiday weekend.

Typically, it is the summer months when online casinos see their biggest revenue. As the Fall and Winter come, online gamblers become preoccupied with holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.