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Fall has arrived and for online casinos and sports books that means that high roller gamblers will not be far behind. With the NFL season in full swing, crossover gamblers are going to be a plenty at the casinos and sports books this weekend.

Online casinos gain most of their revenue in the summer, but the weekend during the fall can be an interesting time for these casinos as well. NFL gambling has spread to all parts of the world, and European gamblers who bet on football also like to play casino games.

After a good weekend of sports betting, a gambler sometimes likes to try their luck at games such as blackjack and poker. When the gambler does well on a Sunday of NFL betting, the likely result is a trip to the casino later that day.

“I like to place my American football bets, and then when I win, I head to the online casino for some slots and blackjack,” said Frans Lithgowe. “I rarely lose more at the casino than I won betting on American football that weekend.”

While US laws continue to frown upon online gambling, the US remains, by most accounts, the biggest Internet gaming market in the world. If there is one thing that Americans like more than online poker, its betting on college and pro football every weekend.

That combination has led online poker rooms to host some of their biggest tournaments on Sunday evening, after the afternoon NFL games have been played. With a full slate of games on tap this weekend, the online sports books and casinos may again be bracing for a busy couple of days ahead.