What We Do


    • Preserves existing low-income housing
    • Develops mixed-use, mixed-income communities that provide opportunities to “age in place” and offer a continuum of care from workforce housing to independent living to assisted living with memory care
    • Relieves the burdens of government thru increased efficiency, expanded tax base, and improved population health.

LEDAHF forms Public-Private Partnerships with government to build public facilities and to develop unproductive public land, and has launched our Healthy and Sustainable Communities Initiative to promote improved population health through Health Centered Design and by creating points of tangency between the historically isolated health care and real estate development communities.

We program economic and environmental sustainability and resiliency into every endeavor. Resiliency requires our projects have a solid business foundation that generates adequate financial returns for our investors while achieving social and environmental success.



Economic Development

LEDAHF seeks to further the overall economic development by:

    • Providing information, including that developed by various economic development organizations, to induce businesses to locate or re-locate to promising areas based on need.
    • Attracting private sector commitment to public purpose projects through

1. the liaison with various Federal, State, County and City government agencies; and

2. the judicious use of matching fund programs, tax-free revenue bonds, and private investment syndication

    • Promoting the growth and expansion of existing businesses by advertising the merits of these areas that they have already invested in.
    • Creating an array of other services for both new and existing business and development ventures, including:

1. liaison with City and County governments for zoning, infrastructure, and financial assistance; and

2. site feasibility, acquisition, approval, development, and financing assistance



Affordable Housing

LEDAHF creates opportunities for safe and affordable housing for low and moderate income citizens by cooperating with local government to further its housing goals by:

    • Organizing partnerships to construct new homes, rehabilitate existing housing, and make them available at affordable prices
    • Facilitating home acquisition using a variety of techniques, including the administration of programs such as “HomeStart” in Loudoun County, Virginia
    • Promoting “home ownership education” for first time homeowners and building a supportive environment for new tenants
    • Utilizing State Housing Partnership Programs in order to benefit as many low and moderate income households as possible
    • Joining in the U.S. Department of Defense efforts to improve housing for military personnel through the construction of new affordable living-quarters under the base realignment and closure actions.

LEDAHF will have non-profit joint-venture partners and will also joint-venture with “for-profit” developers whenever this allows greater access to capital or reduced costs. The Foundation will also participate in national and local affordable housing organizations, and will work with other charitable entities having compatible goals.