History of LEDAHF

LEDAHF was formed in 1994 as a non-profit, publicly supported organization dedicated to furthering economic development and affordable housing in Loudoun County, Virginia. As the Loudoun Economic Development and Affordable Housing Foundation, LEDAHF’s primary focus was to meet the specific need of encouraging more affordable housing in a Washington DC market where real estate pricing made workforce and service sector housing largely unaffordable. Founded by a former public policy advocate, public homebuilder and real estate developer LEDAHF quickly became influential in building and using processes and models that motivated land developers and homebuilders to accommodate affordable housing in master planned communities.

Today LEDAHF has changed its name and altered its focus to fit the changing economy, housing market, and needs of local government. As the Linked Economic Development and Affordable Housing Foundation we seek to relieve the burdens of government by creating public private development partnerships to further community initiatives for better education, job creation, recreational opportunities and safer streets to enhance the quality of life in today’s communities. LEDAHF’s approach to economic development focuses on the synergies between community needs, government support, and business investment. Indeed these are linked to bring about the greatest benefit from each initiative to the people we serve.